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Intramucosal adenocarcinoma, suspicious for invasion! Colorectal cancer, a malignant tumor in my rectum, stage 3B.

What a drag!

They diagnosed my disease just a few weeks after getting married to my beautiful wife, Rachel. There was blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper after using the bathroom, so I went to the doctor who sent me for a colonoscopy.

Who thinks they will get cancer? My mortality and the fragility of life became real, and my life and lifestyle changed forever.

We had to cancel our honeymoon cruise, because I had to start chemotherapy treatment and couldn’t leave the country. We put off moving to a new town. We tightened up our budget because I knew I could only work three or four days a week until I had surgery in March and miss another eight weeks or more of work to recover.

My treatment plan is eight rounds of chemotherapy, followed by radiation, then surgery in March to remove the tumor. I'll then be given a temporary ileostomy to facilitate healing which will take ten weeks. Finally, they'll give me another surgery to reverse the ileostomy and I'll be back to normal.