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A Word From Our Sponsor

I want to see the oncologist already! I’m excited for chemo and radiation. I’m used to being excited for chocolate.

It’s peculiar to feel healthy while having a malignancy in my bowels. Colorectal cancer is deadly; it’s the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the USA, and if it weren’t for some symptoms saw while shitting, I’d still be unaware.

I’m so grateful I have health insurance. The cost of everything I’ll need done will be ridiculously expensive. What do people do when they have no or insufficient health insurance? Do they die? And what about time missed from work? While cancer eats away at healthy cells, debts are eating away savings accounts, 401(k)’s, second mortgages, and children’s college funds. Medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy.

I know I’ll miss some work. Hopefully not for chemo and radiation, but definitely when I need surgery. I’d like to avoid spending money I’ve saved for retirement.

Therefore, I have set up a second income stream by monetizing my blog. It will be unobtrusive. You’ll soon see some small ads on the site and clicking on them will help support the costs of keeping this blog looking pretty.

I’m also slowly adding some colon cancer awareness products for sale, like silicone bracelets, t-shirts, and bumper-stickers. You’ll notice there’s one up already. If you’re on the mobile version of the site, you can see it if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

I don’t plan to make thousands of dollars, but who knows what I'll build if I'm consistent. It’s a learning process, and I’d rather treat my ailment as an opportunity than wallow in cancer misery.

Thank you for being part of my support system. I’m grateful.