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Back At It!

I know I haven’t blogged for a long time. I’ll say at the top that this one will be short, but who knows what will happen as I write.

Last week I called in sick to work every day because I couldn’t see properly. I had double vision, with the left side on top of the right. Or was it the other way around? Who knows? So to see properly I had to close one eye or the other. That made me exhausted, and I was in bed all the time. I even ate in bed. 

I got to watch the Lions game, but they lost anyway. More sleep.

It all started the morning before they took the pump off me.  I was at my aunt’s place after picking up Rachel at 2 am at the Palm Beach airport. No lines, either departure or arrival. I mentioned that I wish the airport was closer, but Rachel reminded me that was why there were no lines.

We were fine. We did a little something-something because we hadn’t seen each other for a week. I then went to bed okay, but I started to slip when we were talking to my aunt in the morning. I pushed myself forward to stand up, but froze with my head in my palm like I would be sick. Rachel got me a Zofran, and it seemed to help. We said our goodbyes and headed to a bagel place for breakfast. 

I shouldn’t have driven.

My vision got worse and worse while we ate, and Rachel started to notice that I sometimes made no sense when I talked. Like I was rambling after drifting off to sleep.

She drove home, and I went to bed.

They unhooked me the following day, Wednesday,  from the chemo pump, and Rachel told them how I was. They also saw how I was, with me bumping into walls and stuff. They sent me for a CT scan with contrast, but that came back clear.

So, the following day we went to Bascom-Palmer Eye Emergency Center. Very nice place. I recommend it if you ever have an emergency. We had to wait hours to see someone, though, and when we did, they thought I might have 4th nerve palsy, and I needed an MRI with contrast, stat.

I have the one on the right.

Sadly, there was a four-hour wait, and we weren’t waiting, so we left.

I figured that my I could make an appointment with a free-standing clinic, but learned there would be a month wait for that. Ugh! 

I have an appointment on Monday back at Bascom-Palmer. 

So I lied in bed, unable to watch much of tv or play video games, and slept and complained and called in sick to work, all the while hoping my vision would get better.

And it did.

Slowly I started to see better, and today tried working. 

I did fine. Dizzy and wonky, but able to do it.

The Miami Cancer Institute says the cancer treatment and the vision thing aren’t related. After seeing the doctor at Bascom-Palmer and having the MRI, if there is nothing conclusive, then I have to see a neurologist. Who knows? I may have had a small stroke. I did have trouble with my right hand.

Thank goodness for insurance!

There is more to write about, but this post is getting long and I'm closing an eye to write. I promise to be back to being diligent with writing this blog. It was hard to write when I couldn’t see straight, and I hated what was tumbling through my fingers when I tried to type, so I waited until now to get back to business.

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