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Chemo #1

I had my first chemo session yesterday. It took over five hours instead of the promised four, but it wasn’t too bad. Rachel kept me company, and we both fiddled with our laptops.

There were many bald women there. Many frail looking young people wearing caps. I saw a few middle age men sitting alone in their rooms looking forlorn.

Let me tell you, I got great customer service. My nurse, Luci, anticipated all of my needs, including drinks and sandwiches, and she checked in with me regularly to make sure I was okay.

Luci connected my take-home chemotherapy pump to my port before I left which I must wear until tomorrow afternoon.

I’m not feeling 100%, which is why I didn’t write yesterday, and why this post may seem disjointed. I’m not too motivated to write, but it’s important for my mental health to keep this blog up. And it is cathartic. 

The immediate side effects I have to be wary of are nausea and diarrhea. I woke up nauseous a couple times last night, but the Zofran took care of that. Thankfully, my poops have been normal.

I also have to watch out for tingling in my fingers, which indicates potential nerve damage if my chemotherapy isn’t adjusted.

Emergency side effects are a fever greater than 100.5 and chest pain. I’m to call 911.

I’ll write more in the next post, because the chemo is making me drowsy.  Thanks for your support, my friends!

This is Luci getting ready

My port scar before I'm connected

Candidly biting my knuckles.

The bag the chemo was transported in.

drip, drip, drip

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