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Chemo Sick

Not only have I been chemo sick the last couple of days, but I also cracked a crown in my mouth that now needs replacing and I have a sinus infection.

I feel like a train wreck.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the take-home-chemo-infusionator was unplugged from me. I had little appetite after, but I tried to eat at New Canton on South Dixie Hwy. I got the cashew chicken and a hot and sour soup. I only made it through the soup, and took the rest to go.

At home I laid in bed and slept on and off, knowing I had to get up to get to the dentist at 5:30pm to fix the tooth. I got up and five, nauseous and weak, and tried to take a Zofran, but only made it to the toilet to vomit the most foul tasting vomit I’ve ever vomited. It tasted like sweet chemicals and stomach acid. Horrible. Not looking forward to next chemo session.

Anyway, made it to the dentist, barely. I shouldn’t have driven. Things were blurry and I was sweating profusely. I must’ve looked like a mess to the dentist office staff. I told the dentist what I was going through so they wouldn’t think I was jonesing for drugs or something.

I want to write more, and be eloquent right now, and finish the story but I can’t. I feel shitty. I just want to sleep. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

Good night and thanks for your support!