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Feeling It

Today I’m feeling it. 

My chest is sore where they poked a catheter through my skin into the port to administer the chemo for over 50 straight hours. There is a hard lump under my skin that I’m not used to yet.

I’m not (yet) experiencing most of the dreaded side effects. I’ve been nauseous often; my stomach feels like I’m teetering towards motion sickness, and there is a sour taste in the back of my throat. I have little of an appetite, but I know I am hungry. I think I just want some fruit.

I left work early today. It was my first day working since starting the treatment. I felt off all day. I did a lot of sweating and I had a headache, so it was hard to concentrate. I had my temperature taken, because if it goes above 100.5 I’m to go to the ER or urgent cards. The paramedic (there is always a paramedic at the casino) had me put the thermometer under my right arm — I didn’t know that was still a thing — and my temperature was normal. So, I drove home and have been in bed.

Guys and gals, if you have any changes in your pooping make sure you get it checked out. We all have mostly the same body parts, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Trust me, the doctor has heard it all before.


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