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How to not be a jerk

I love my wife. She’s the best, and she makes me a better man. This cancer thing would be so much worse without her. I’m NOT lonely, isolated, forlorn, miserable, nor depressed. I never thought I’d call anyone my rock, but there you go.

I’m sorry about yesterday’s post, which has since been deleted. Some stuff is best kept between husband and wife, and I’m learning every day to be a better husband. I was alone for so long and stuck in my ways, and it made me ignorant of many things when it comes to partnership.

I have the best partner. She’s the AFL to my CIO.

Rararoo Rachel.

A lady from from the oncologist‘s office called me yesterday to interview me about family medical history, meds I’m taking, general health, etc. She was effervescent over the speaker phone; Rachel and I traded smiles back and forth as the lady flirted with me. But we both know that she calls cancer patients all the time, people who are likely scared, nervous, and sad, so her enthusiasm alleviates the tension of the phone call. She assured me Dr. Ucar is the best, and that I’m in good hands.

The appointment is on Monday. Stay tuned.

Here‘s some of my favorite Rachel pics.