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Marijuana in Your Brain

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Marijuana in your brain Takes more time to ejaculate Roll up a spliff and drowse away the day With marijuana in your brain -- Marijuana in Your Brain

by the Lords of Acid

August 11, 2009 is my clean date, which means I’ve been free from drugs and alcohol for nearly ten years. Soon I will pick up a medallion at my favorite Narcotics Anonymous meeting to show to newcomers that a joyous life free from drugs, isolation, dereliction, and degradation is possible.

But this cancer thing is messing with my brain. I’m prone to obsessive and compulsive behavior. NA has given me tools to deal with this, but I must remain strong and vigilant over my thinking or else I may make a decision I’ll quickly regret.

When Dr. Szomstien told me I’d need chemotherapy and radiation to fight the cancer, I started dwelling on the side effects of chemo that are known in popular culture: hair falling out (a moot point) and nausea. Marijuana — my drug of choice — has many supposed health benefits, which got me thinking maybe it would help abate the nausea I might get.

And like a cannabis seed I planted in the dirt in front of my house, the idea of trying CBD was sown in my cerebrum.

Then yesterday I get a message from a friend of mine on Facebook Messenger:

CBD is legal in all states...but weak..cause made from hemp...for killing cancer cells...u need a well rounded RSO oil..that has THC as well...Rick Simpson oil..u can u tube..him..or basically hash oil...it will get u high...and it’s a 3 month program..u start with small doses...and work your way up.. And it wont hurt your immune system like radiation..and chemo. Can never have to much info.. Healing vibes...

Naturally, I began obsessing over Rick Simpson Oil. Turns out I can buy it at a local dispensary.

drowse away the day with marijuana in your brain

I read all about it, how some studies show that it aids in the radiation therapy; how Rick Simpson cured his skin cancer with it; how cells in the rectum are cannabinoid receptors; how easily I can get my Florida medical marijuana card; how cool it looks to vape...

Let me be clear. I remember exactly what it was like when I was in active drug addiction; the isolation, loneliness, despair, and self-hatred. That’s why I’ve built a strong recovery foundation and still regularly attend NA meetings ten years after I initially chose to save my life.

I have chosen to save my life once again. I am dedicated to being an active participant in my recovery from cancer. I’ll do whatever the doctors tell me to do, and I’ll seek support from wherever I can get it. I love my life these days, and I’m full of gratitude for all the gifts I’ve received the past ten years, not the least of which is Rachel, whom I love dearly.

Sometimes my thinking is stinking, which is why I learned to follow the advice of others instead of my own. I know I must stay away from the people, places, and things that brought me down to the bottom of my years of drug abuse. I don’t want to go back there.

Rick, I’m glad the weed worked for you, but it ain’t gonna work for me.

I think I’ll go call my sponsor…

Narcotic Anonymous Website: https://na.org/

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