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Reasons to be Cheerful

The past week was scary. The double-vision had faded away, but I knew I had to be back to the MCI on Monday (today) for the fifth round of chemo. I loathed sitting in the brown, fake leather recliner for four hours.

So, I’m in the recliner now getting my chemo. It took an extra long tome for them to clear my meds for some reason; I’ll be here for a total of five hours. Fuck.

I’ve still got an hour and forty five minutes to go.

Im typing this on the phone. Kindly forgive any typos and poor grammar. I’m probably not going to proof this. Besides, it will be a short entry.

Turns out that David Byrne of Talking Heads fame keeps a nice website, so I’d like to share it with you. I’ll add it to the resources page later. reasonstobecheerful.world

Rachel is able to type and text line mad on her iPhone. Her screen is bigger than mine, but come on! I’m all thumbs here.

Thanks to everyone who donated and/or shared my GoFundMe. Nearly $700 has been contributed so far, plus my coworkers passed around an envelope for me, and that had nearly $500 in it. Rachel and I humbly thanks you. All that money is put into a savings account for when we need it while I’m in surgery or too sick to work.

I can‘t handle all of the backspacing and correcting I’m having to do on this small screen and keyboard. I love you all.