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Why I Have to Buy A/C Filters ALL THE TIME... plus bonus photos.

Rachel sets the thermostat to sixty-seven degrees. She’s the opposite of most women and is hot all the time, which requires that our air conditioning always runs. Florida Power & Light sends me a large thank-you note every month. But I'm okay with it as long as she's comfortable. 

I’m writing this blog post from our bedroom, under the blankets, while she’s in the living room in the big brown La-Z-Boy, with her slippered feet resting on the mechanical footrest about 18 inches off the ground. Bingo, our dog, is resting on his large pillow next to her.

Do you see how many toys he has?!

I’m in limbo today, and likely will be for another week. I’ve got the MRI tomorrow, but have to wait another week to see the oncologist. If anything alarming shows up, they will get me an appointment right away, so I guess having to wait will be positive. I want this cancer removed; I’m excited to learn about the treatment plan and eager to start the chemo and radiation, but I’m avoiding reading about other people’s experience because I don’t want to start off more scared or nervous than I already am. Plus, it will give me more things to write about.

I mentioned in the last blog post that I would migrate the blog to another website to make it prettier. I spent much of the day fiddling with Wix.com and WordPress.com, trying many themes, fonts, colors, headers, pictures, formats, and arrangements; only to decide I was wasting my time. My goal here is to share my experience with colorectal cancer, not create some pretty website. For now, I’ll keep it simple.

However, I would like to drive visitors to my blog, so please share my blog and comment if you have any ideas to increase my audience.


Here are more pictures of Bingo.

Que lindo!

He was cold (likely because of Rachel's A/C setting)

One of his first rides in Rachel's car after she picked him up from the animal shelter

Animal shelters that have your best friend waiting: